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The narrator:
This character never reveals her true name. She is the main character of the book. She is a black girl who is thirteen years old. She is somewhat quiet and shy. She's also best friends with D Foster and Neeka. The narrator loves Tupac and his music, which is something that her, D, and Neeka have in common. She is an only child who lives with her mom. She and her friends sobbed when Tupac got shot. She feels like both her and D are connected in the way that they are both trying to find themselves. She loves to read and she is very smart. Her friends always tease her for using big words.

She is a black girl with quite the attitude. She loves to argue with her friends and family. She is best friends with D and the narrator. She has a love for Tupac just like the narrator and D. She doesn't enjoy her life at home because she never gets much attention; she has a bunch of siblings and she always has to take care of them, even though she didn't make the decision to have the kids.

D Foster:
Her real name is Desiree Johnson but doesn't reveal it until the end of the book. She was called D Foster because she was a foster child. She showed up on the bus one day when Neeka and the Narrator were on the porch listening to Tupac. She hit it off with them and returned every day. In the end of the book, she is forced to move away. She loves Tupac just as much as the Narrator and Neeka. She often compares herself to Tupac and she thinks that they are just alike.

"Three the Hard Way": This is the name that refers to the girls D, Neeka, and the narrator.

Flo: This is D's Foster mom. She lets D roam wherever she wants, yet she is always neurotic about very little things, such as how D wears her hair. She doesn't really care about D too much.

Jayjones: Neeka's brother. He is in high school and is older than the "Three the Hard Way." He is attracted to D, even though he is older. He is very talented at basketball and is very excited when he finds out that he got a scholarship to Georgetown for basketball, even though his grades are poor. The narrator is secretly in love with him and is very jealous when Jayjones is always flirting with D.

Tash: Tash is one of Neeka's many brothers. He was in jail for most of the book. He is gay, and gets a hard time from many other people.

Original art by Cael C. "Tash Eating in Jail."

Passage Describing the girl's love for Tupac:D kept staring at the TV. Tupac was walking slow with his boys all around. With his head down. He was so beautiful.

Tupac: He is a very famous rapper of the 1990s. He is loved by many people, especially the three girls: D, Neeka and the narrator. This story is based around the time when he went to jail and the time that he was shot. He has thick eyebrows, brown eyes, is relatively thin, and is African-American. He has a unique connection with the three girls. He doesn't know them, but they all don't just love him as a rapper- they feel that that he is being treated unfairly in many cases. When he got shot, the girls were sobbing, because they feel for him that much. Tupac isn't really a character in this book. He is of great importance in this book because "Three the Hard Way" look up to him, and the story is based around the time he was put in jail and the time that he was shot and killed.

Drawn By Jessica W.

Drawn By Jessica W.

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