This book starts out with two girls. One of them is the narrator (who doesn't tell her name) and her friend Neeka. They have known each other since they were babies. In this book, they start out at eleven and grow a couple years older over time. Their lives both changed when a new girl came into the district of Queens.

The girl's name was D Foster. She was a foster child (hence the name) who was allowed to do whatever she liked. Her mother couldn't take care of her, so she put her with a foster mom, who didn't really care about her that much. She met Neeka and the main character when they were talking outside. The girls were quite unsure of her at first, but as they started to get to know her better, they became great friends.

D Foster took them out of their own world- she took them out of their block and introduced them to other parts of the city (which the narrator and Neeka's moms would have killed them for if they found out) and showed them a whole new world. Even though the narrator was jealous of D Foster at times (like when Jayjones had a crush on D), she felt a serious connection with her. The narrator always tried to find her "other half of herself" by reading books and literature. She felt that her and D Foster were both trying to find themselves, but D Foster was trying to do so by roaming around. The girls grew together for a couple years. After a while, they were known as, "Three the Hard Way."

Everything started to turn around when D Foster's real mom wanted her back, and D had to leave. Both D Foster and Neeka were crushed. D was going to move to a nice house with her own room. Even though she was going to be well taken care of, she didn't feel satisfied. She didn't want her mom to take her after she abandoned her. The girls didn't know what they would do without each other.

A few months went by since D had left. One day in September, the narrator and Neeka were sitting on the steps listening to Tupac, and they saw D and her mother (the real one, not the foster mother) walking toward them. They stopped by to visit Neeka and the narrator. The girls were happy to see each other. They heard her mom call her Desiree, and the girls finally knew what her real name was. D gave the two girls a rope and said that if you ever meet another girl who walks down the block and wants to be friends with you guys, then you will have a rope to play with. Then D said that she was never going to part from them, and that they would always be "Three the Hard Way."

So, does D leave them again for good? Or does she stay with her two best friends and re-unite as "Three the Hard Way?" Read After Tupac and D Foster and find out!

Beginning: The two girls, the narrator and Neeka, make a new best friend, who's nickname is D.

Rising Action: The girls grow together and become very tight. They were known as "Three the Hard Way." They started to learn about how D was abandoned by her real mom and left with a foster mom that really didn't care about her. They also learn that her real mom wants her back.

Climax: D Foster found out that her mom wanted her back to move upstate with her. The girls were devastated and didn't know how it was possible to live without each other.

Falling Action: After a couple months, D and her real mom visit the two girls after a long period of time. They exchange gifts wth each other. The conversation starts to get very emotional...

Resolution: You'll just have to find out for yourself!

Original audio by Jake N.